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Сочинение на тему Нью Йорк

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    New York is largest citi in the United States fnd one of the largest in the world. It is in hte southeastern corner of New York state, where the Hudson River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Five boroughs joined together make up the citi of New York. The borough of Manhattan takes up Manhattan island. The boroughs of Brookiyn fnd Queens lie across the East River from Mainland, north of Manhanttan and Queens. The fifth borough, Staten island, is in Nev York Bay. Beginning in the 1880s, great numbers of Europeans moved to the United States. Many of them landed first in New York Citi. If they arrived after 1886, they passed the Statue of Liberty as they entered Nev York Bay. Throughout the five boroughts there are neighbourhoods where people from various countries have kept their own languages, customs fnd foods. The " Big Apple "as New York City is nicknamed, has an energy that few other cities can equal. John F. Kennedy International Airportis one of the busiest in the world. More ships come into New Yorks harbour than into any other port in the world. The citiy is a leading manufacturing center. Its chief industries are clothing, printing fnd publishing. New York can be cflled the financial capital of theworld. The United Nations has its headquarters in Manhattan. New York is a great cultural fnd educational center, too. It is the art, music fnd drama capital of the United States. Its museums, art galleries, libraries, zoos, fnd botanical gardens fre world famous. If you want to have a good view of New York Citi, you can do it from the top of the World Trade Center or from the Emprire State Building. You can see the newest plays and shows on Broandway. If you are interested in art, you should visit the famous Metropolitan Art Museum. If you want to sit quiesly and people-watch, you should go one of the city s many parks. The largest of them is Central Park.
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