3 ноября, 13:11

Диалог о школьном классе

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  1. 3 ноября, 13:41
    На англиский:our class is very big and beautiful we are all friendly guys, we're not fighting.

    на русском наш класс очень большой и красивый мы все дружние ребята, мы не соримся.
  2. 3 ноября, 14:47
    -Hello miss Greedy, I was just about to stop by your classroom.

    -Good afternoon, mister Pit. and what would you like to talk to me about?

    -Evenly, About your students. There not putting enough effort into their work, and also they are misbehaving themselves on my lessons!

    -Mister Pit, I surely don't understand you right now. My students are polite and craver children, they would never let themselves take inappropriate behavior as a standard.

    -Well, maybe the are not as bad as I described on the other lessons, that seem to be imported for them, such as math, chemistry and English exedra ...

    But they sure aren't taking my subject seriously. Art is the most important subject invented!

    -Oh, Mister Pit, calm down, I will talk to them as soon as they come back from lunch break, ok? And after that, they will go straight to their next lesson which is ... let me see ...

    -It's Art, Miss Greedy.

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