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Упражнение 30

Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в форму пассивного залога

1. I'm not wearing my black suit today. It (to repair) ___. 2. Why the car (not to lock) ___? 3. Bags must not (to leave) ___ in the hall. 4. He (to take) ___to hospital this afternoon. 5. It was midnight, and the girl was afraid; she thought she (to follow) ___. 6. This wallet (to leave) ___in a classroom yesterday, it (find) ___ by the teacher. 7. Thousands of new houses (to build) ___every year. 8. Our bus (to break) ___into yesterday, and all the things (to steal) ___. 9. The letter just (to write) ___and (to send) ___. 10. I can't answer the telephone, I (to shave) ___at the moment.

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  1. 6 сентября, 10:06
    1. It is being repaired.

    2. hasn't been locked

    3. be left

    4. was taken

    5. was being followed

    6. was left ... was found

    7. are built

    8. was broken ... were stolen

    9. has been wtitten and been sent

    10. I'm being shaved
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