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Match the words in the two columns and complete the sentences below with the word combinations 1 explain 2 orchestra 3 devoted 4 connect 5 previous 6 fair 7 produce 8 received 9 safe 10 consider

A) the printer B) weather C) and sound D) why E) enough food F) the young drammatirst G) pit H) owener I) the new visitors J) friend

Пример: 1. I know thet Ann is my mist devoted friend: I can always rely on her.

2. The Reeds ... warmly and offered them the best seats at the festive table.

3. The missing child had been found ...

4. A few farmers ... for the wholepopulation.

5. Did she ... she was late?

6 ... How do you ... to the computer?

7. People ... to be of great talent.

8. The ... of the house added to it two wings and eidened the hall.

9. We could see the musicians in the ... all ready for the peeformance.

10. It's so pleasant to have a picnic in ... !

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    Номер 10,9,8,4 сведи их также и всё получится
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