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Составить рассказ о празднике по вопросам:

1) What holiday do you like most of all? Why?

2) When do you celebrate it?

3) How do you prepare for it?

4) What do you like to get as a present for this celebration?

5) Does your mum cook any special meal on this day?

6) What do you have for holiday dinner?

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  1. 30 марта, 18:42
    I very like a New Year. When we can say goodbye to old year, leave all bad things in old year. Also I like this holiday, because all my big family together. We are celebrate it first January. Me and my family, and friends buy many presents for each other. And we are buy many food for the celebrate night.

    I would like to get as a present maybe a new skateboard or a tablet. Of course my mum do special meal this day. We have very delicious dinner, also my mum cook salads, fry fish, fry meat. New Year it's very great holiday.
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