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How to build your life to remain a real man? (10-15 sentences)

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  1. 3 ноября, 17:16
    How to build your life to remain a real man?

    Such questions always make me to reflect.

    Different people consider the word " a real man" in different ways.

    As for me, to build my life and to remain a real man means to have my own opinion on each situation but not to offend anyone.

    It is not an easy task not to cross this line and not to look in the eyes of others as upstart.

    I don't like to hurt somebody even when they tell me something unpleasant. I don't reply in response. I do so not because I am afraid of them or I am flabby but to offend somebody by telling unpleasant words will hurt me more.

    I don't like to feel negative emotions even more so to make somebody upset or cry.

    I know it is difficult but your negative reaction and negative emotions will hurt you too. Build your life and remain a real man! Who never gossips behind people's back, who never envies, who never wants to hurt somebody's feelings.

    Try to be such kind of man and the name of a real man will be given to you by people.
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