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Заполните пропуски предлогами и наречиями, где это необходимо. 1. The captain ... the steamer made his first voyage ... South America about twenty years ago. 2. There are people who don't like travelling ... ship. 3. The man was talk ing ... a loud voice, but we didn'. t understand what he was saying because he spoke ... a strange language. 4. We thought that we were going ... the river, but when we asked a man how long it would take to reach ... it, he said that we were going ... the wrong direction. 5. I was told there was a beautiful forest ... the east ... your town. 6. They'll be going ... the East one of these days. 7. When all the lettersand telegrams had been looked ... he went ... his work. 8. The captain looked ... his glasses and saw a man ... the sea not very far ... the ship. He ordered his men to sail ... that direction. 9. "Don't be angry ... me," the captain cried ... "I didn't know you were making a record voyage."

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    1 -, in the

    2 on

    3 -, on

    4 on, to, in

    5 on, in

    6 on,

    7 -, to

    8 on, in, from, in

    9 with, -
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