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Вставьте слова в нужной форме

know, own, borrow, believe, think, spend, travel, come, shock, drive, have

A Nice Little Rich Girl

Rich teenagers ... (1) so much money that they can afford to buy anything they like. The problem is they often ... (2) what to do with all the money they have. Christina Andreou ... (3) from a family of very rich shipowners. She already has a sports car (her brother ... (4) it, because she isn't old enough yet).

Right now she says, "My big brother ... (5) it until I'am a bit older." Christina ... (6) hours playing the latest computer games. She ... (7) of buying a new laptop so that she can play her favourite games when she ... (8) around world. The Andreou family ... (9) houses in London, Paris, Buenos Aires and, of course, Athens. Christina ... (10) her money can buy her friends. "It ... (11) me when I think of how little money my friends have, compared to how much pocket money I have from my parents."

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  1. 13 июля, 19:18
    1 have 2 know 3 came 4 drives 5 borrows 6 spends 7 thinks 8 travels 9 owns 10 believes 11 shokes
  2. 13 июля, 19:19
    1 have

    2 think

    3 comes

    4 drives

    5 borrows

    6 spends

    7 believes

    8 travels

    9 owns

    10 spends

    11 shocks
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